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Law Guru’s 2nd National Level (Open) Moot Court Competition 2019 on 10 February 2019:

On the lines of the acclaimed 1st National Level Open Moot Court Competition in February 2018, LawGuru organized its 2nd National Level Open Moot Court Competition on 10 February 2019. winners bagged cash prizes of INR 2 Lakh alongside gift hampers, trophies, medals and certificates for the winners!
We along the same legacy of promoting the opportunity to the law student community of India to engage to derive a one-of-its-kind experience to sharpen their advocacy skills and to get exposure to the environment of the court system at the event .

Winning team of Law Guru’s 2nd National Level Open Moot Court Competition 2019:

     Photo of winning team:

Law Guru’s 1st National Level (Open) Moot Court Competition 2018 :

Law Guru Institute, in its endeavour to enhance legal skills and augment knowledge of law, successfully set a precedent by organizing its 1st National Level Open Moot Court Competition in February 2018 - a first by a law coaching institution in India. Total cash prizes handed were INR 2 lakh alongside trophies and medals. The moot court competition helped students pursuing law courses get exposure to the environment of the court system, to hone their advocacy skills and to provide a real-life experience-cum-training in doing cutting edge research, presenting ground-breaking arguments and contributing to the development of jurisprudence in concerned areas of law.

Winning team of Law Guru’s 1st National Level Open Moot Court Competition 2018:

     Photo of winning team:

It was on the brink of deadline that we decided to register. Moot proposition piqued our interests. Blend of Indian and US constitutional law was sufficient to break bones of final year law students. Constitutional interpretation and analysis on "restitution of conjugal rights" and "same sex marriage" involved hours of debate to identify the principles involved. The organizers lived up to the expectation created by the moot proposition. Accommodation, hospitability, especially the gala dinner allowed the participants to engage with the judges to receive constructive feedback. The organizers had put up a brilliant feat with tons of work. A Coaching institute trying to sell themselves by providing a platform for students to hone their skills is a novel idea worth emulating. Being part of it in the first edition was a special honour. Earnestly hoping that the competition gets better from here.
Thank you and lots of love to Law Guru nstitute.
- Vivek Narayan

I have participated in several national moots and this moot is one of them. This moot was based on the theme of same sex marriage and impact of such step upon marriage laws prevailing in this country. It is indeed a great learning experience as this topic is still in debates amongst political minds and judiciary. This moot has attractive stakes following it, which makes it more popular amongst students. The organisation was systematic and Law Guru performed very well in this area as amateurs because after all it is organized by a coaching centre. I truly appreciate the efforts taken by the mentor Gajanan Choudhary sir as these competitions enhance the practice of application of law and team work amongst students. Overall, it was a memorable journey.
- Yash Parihar

     3rd Runners up :

First of all, we thank Law Guru for giving us this opportunity.
We are glad to be part of the 1st Law guru (Open) National Level Moot Court Competition.
It was a wonderful experience arguing before great judges who reflected justice.
The environment was really good and the other teams as well. When it comes to the organizing committee, we specially want to congratulate all the students of Gajanan Choudhary sir. It clearly reflects his teaching and discipline imbibed in them, which made it happen.
In the start, we had a doubt regarding that that it's a coaching institute and how they can organize a moot court competition, that too a national level one, but soon we met Gajanan sir and all our doubt got clear. Definitely, it was far better than some law colleges’ moot competition. We want to thank and congratulate him for his efforts which made this happen, as he shared that it was the result of an idea which came in his mind to organize a moot. We would highly recommend all to be part of the forthcoming competition organized by Law Guru Institute.
- Aika Soni
- Rudra Roshan
- Aditya Yadav


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